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Almost finished prototype !

Today, we finished merging the platform with the wooden toy : buttons, led, and sound are all in place, except for the motor that still don’t always work.¬†We also tweaked the script a little bit : now the left button starts sound lights and motor, and the other one makes the color of the lights change ! I also stayed later so that the musics can play randomly from the SD card ūüėÄ
‚ÄčOn Monday, we will take care of the motor and finish giving the toy a new look.

See you on Wednesday for a demo and video of the final prototype !


Progress towards a finished prototype!

So this morning Emilie spent some time on the motor and got it to work. The setup was according to this schema:



What we’re contemplating now is how to make it more interactive, as of know we are highering and lowering the speed of the motor using a potentiometer. But it is very sensitive making it hard to get desired speed of the plate spinning. The initial idea was to make it scratchable, meaning we wanted to alter the sound when we touched the plate. We find it hard to believe that our prototype will be sturdy enough to withstand this during a demo though, so for now we’re going to first integrate what we got into the platform and hopefully expand this during the week, we’ll keep you posted.

We also got some great work done with the integration of the knobs that will control volume and speed, see pictures above! ūüôā

‚Äč/Jim + Tim

Mockup session! 21/9-15

Feedback on our mockup :
– Maybe there should be some sound when we put food in the oven.
– A “pling” sound (like a microwave) when the food is done.
РYlva mentionned a glove with which you can scratch on any surface.
– There is also a¬†project called “scratching carpet” where you make sound with your feet.
– Parents listen to their favorite Spotify playlist while their child is playing with the toy !

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